Bookoo Babies | Sweet Gift Ideas For New Mommas In Your Life

Bookoo Babies | Sweet Gift Ideas For New Mommas In Your Life

Shopping for a new baby is so much fun, finding the most adorable tiny outfits and toys-yes! But if you know someone who recently had a baby, it’s also nice to send a little something for the momma herself. If it's not a far drive, she would so appreciate a home cooked meal without having to cook or clean herself. Grab some groceries and prepare for cleanup. Not only is she going to appreciate the meal, but it's also something sweet she will always remember.

Prenatal Massage

1. Spa Day $20-$150

This is definitely my first recommendation (I still remember my husband surprising me with a pregnancy massage and snoring on the massage table-yes that relaxed!) Her body has been through so much, she definitely deserves this. Whether your in the mood to make her some tea or a glass of wine to accompany her bubble bath (and foot rub-don't forget the foot rub!) or take it up a notch by surprising her with a spa treatment from your local masseuse, she will LOVE! 

Amazon Gift Card

2. Amazon Prime Subscription $99/year
Avoiding unnecessary trips to the store is invaluable during those first few sleep-deprived weeks. With a gifted Amazon Prime subscription, the new parents can order virtually anything they might need for themselves or baby and have it arrive within two days with free shipping.

Boquet Of Flowers

3. Fresh Bouquet of Flowers $20-60 
One of the most time-honored, traditional gifts to give to mothers everywhere are flowers! Flowers are always appreciated.Coming in shades of white, pink, red, and sometimes even purple, peonies make a great arrangement for Mom. These flowers represent a variety of things, from honor and good fortune to happy marriages — perfect if you want a gift that also gives a nod to the father of the family. Best of all, peonies can grow quite large, which means a bouquet of these blooms is certain to make a showy centerpiece. And they smell wonderful!

Mommy Journal

4. Mommy Journal $20

There are so many beautiful journals today, find one that reminds you of the new momma in your life. She has so much going on with mom brain creeping into play, help her stay organized and on track with a new mommy journal. Whether she's scheduling baby appointments or using the journal to keep track of needed baby supplies, this is a great tool for new mommas. While you're in the isle, grab journal stickers & pens for her too!

Prenatal Shoes

5.New Shoes $50 – $80
Like what happened to my feet!? Any new mother knows. With her body going through so many changes, add her feet to the list. Get the new momma in your life a pair of comfy slippers or sandals.

Wheres A Robe When You Need One

6. Cute Robe $30
When you’re getting up out of bed multiple times during the night, it’s nice to have a new robe to throw on. Give the gift of feeling cozy and chic!

Something Sweet Cronuts

7. Something Sweet
Don't show up empty handed! Stop by the local bakery for a surprise treat to satisfy her cravings!! 

Uber Eatz Delivery Food

8. Food Delivery 
It’s so hard to find time to cook during those first few weeks with baby, so new parents will certainly appreciate not having to worry about their next meal. Depending on the neighborhood, there are food delivery options, like post-mates & door-dash that will deliver! 

Prego Mom Sitting On Couch

9. Paper Plates
It might sound strange but having paper plates in the house means less dishes in the sink, and less dishes in the sink means momma can spend time relaxing off her feet.

ItWorks Beauty Products by Bookoo Babies

10. Beauty Products
Pick from our Beauty Line at Bookoo Babies and let the new momma in your life indulge in a new beauty product. We stand by each of our products. Unlike other beauty brands ours actually works. Find out what mom wants or surprise her with our Hair, Skin & Nails nourishing complex which will make moms hair and skin glow and nails shine, or have mom try the RepairAge Night Cream gel to take care of any crows feet, fine lines on the face or near the eyes. If you want mom to feel refreshed, and ready to take life on and all of it's glory get the Exfoliating Peel & Toner with the Facial Deep Hydration Sheet Mask. Really the list can go on and on but the list I gave you were my top favorites! Not only will she be delighted to try something new, but it will get her to start feeling human all over again. (she's been picking through baby poo all day) Gift her something she'll enjoy. 

Do you know any new or expecting mommas?

I hope these gift ideas help!

XO- Bookoo Babies 



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