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Bookoo Babies | That's What She Said | Vol. 1

Hello Bookoo Momma's and Viewers,

Today's topic for discussion is about a Vlog that started out to be funny but then took a dive into what became a highly Controversial video that went viral over night. Of course on today's "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" Series what I'd like from all you Bookoo momma's there is to drop a line and explain what your thoughts are after watching this video, also please don't be shy, share with us your funny overwhelming moments that your kiddos help create by just being kiddos. 

Funny right? the Title "Sums up Motherhood in 34 Seconds" so true... Personally, I can relate. There are times, and I mean lots of times when your trying to get things done or possibly think that your going to get some mommy alone time and then you hear those 2 lovely syllables "mom-my" and it's all over. Not that I'm or we're complaining right moms? Don't get me wrong our children are everything to us, and we'd do anything for them, and we do.... but that doesn't mean were not allowed to go 👉👉  every once in while! 🤣 Truth be told us mom's just need a little break from time to time. Maybe at the end of the day you can ask us just how were doing - dad's, partners, I'm talking to you. I mean every day we do laundry, dishes, dinner, etc. bath our children, make sure homework is done, teeth are brushed, everyone is taking care of, and not always in that order, and some of us even work on top of all that. We get TIRED! so Yea!!! um..WE NEED A BREAK!!!😂 

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As always this is an open discussion so please tell me your thoughts on today's topic. Thank you Bookoo Momma's!


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