Bookoo Babies Sweet Thang Cocoon Swaddle + Headwrap

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Bring your sweet pea home in a cozy our Bookoo Babies Sweet Thang Cocoon Swaddle. Matching headwrap included!
  • Size fits 0-4 months (differs with each baby)
  • Cocoon Style
  • Fawns, Feathers, & Doughnuts, get all three! 
  • Matching headwrap included!
  • Great item for mother's newborn hospital bag! 

Curious how they work? Just bunch the swaddle up with your hands (like you were about to put a sock on), then start from the babies feet and work your way up to his or her shoulders! There are no zippers, no Velcro or snaps. Designed to be super soft, stretchy and comfortable for your baby!

Cocoon swaddles are intended to be non-constricting and have a loose sack for the baby's feet, allowing plenty of hip movement. The placement of the swaddle should rest on their shoulders. If you notice it is moving towards the face in any way, please tie the bottom of the cocoon in a knot in order to eliminate the extra slack. 

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